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Pet and People Portraits by Melanie Cossey

Photo Albums

Pets Pets Keira 8x8 Acrylic on Canvas of a beautiful little girl 203496174 Meepers 16X20 Pastel of a beloved friend 203496173 Levi Levi as an adult. 11X14 Acrylic 203496374 Jeff 12X12 Acrylic of man's best friend. 199002209 Griffin 28X22 Acrylic 198513470 Holly 14X11 Acrylic on Canvas 198270199 Nala Sweet little Staffie. 11X14 197161776 Levi 11X14 Acrylic 196663801 Zeus 16X20 Acrylic of the most handsome and self-assured rescue 195761959 Charlie 11X14 of the mischevious, heart stealing lab cross. 195740420 Chloe 8X10 Pastel of the cheeky little kitty 195761954 Dublin 16X16 Acrylic of the energetic fun loving Chocolate Lab 195761605 Holly 8x8 Acrylic of The Mommy with the expressive eyes. 195761975 Retsina 11X14 Acrylic of My first little boxer friend. 195761955 Cruise 18X22 Acrylic of this sweet champion 195762157 Chayse 11X14 Acrylic of the feisty Jack Russel romping companion. 195761956 Brandy 12X16 Acrylic of a Mom's best friend. 195761958 Loving Labs Abby, Missy, Gus and Gina. 12X16 Pencil on Paper 203496172 Holly 9X12 Graphite of the best dog mommy in the world. 195761957 Bright Eyes 9X12 graphite of this prize winner. 195761960